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Hensley & Gibbs Bullet Moulds:



Do you have a GEO. A HENSLEY or Hensley & Gibbs mould and need information for it?


Then below are the links you may be looking for.  You can search the Hensley & Gibbs Factory Ledger online, or you can download a MS Word File that contains the most recent version of the ledger.  The links below may be what you are looking for.






Hensley & Gibbs Mould List

Online Version – Searchable



Hensley & Gibbs Mould List

(Numerical from 1 to 938)

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The GEO. A. Hensley & Hensley & Gibbs Bullet Mould Numbering System



Hensley & Gibbs

HollowPoint Conversions


How to Safely

Clean That Mould


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Original Hensley & Gibbs Price List from 1990’s


Hensley & Gibbs

Bullet Mould Catalogs

1930 to 1999



Dobe Grant Page



Casting with 8 & 10 Cavity Hensley & Gibbs Bullet Moulds

Hensley & Gibbs Timeline Chart



Hensley & Gibbs Two & Four Cavity Handles – The Thick and the Thin

Casting Fellows


Hensley & Gibbs

Bullet Mould Handles

Avoiding Mould Damage




Casting Pot

(150 Pound Melter)


Peerless Moulds & GEO. A. HENSLEY


1968 Magazine

Article on Hensley & Gibbs

Hensley & Gibbs Bullet Mould Handles – Dimensions & Parts


Hensley & Gibbs

Bullet Moulds for Sale


My Favorite

Hensley & Gibbs Moulds

Gun Photos

Letters from

Wayne Gibbs
(the “Gibbs” in Hensley & Gibbs)


Old articles from San Diego CA Historical Society on George A. Hensley

Star Luber

Sizers Page




What is my

mould worth?



Hensley & Gibbs



Load Data for

Hensley & Gibbs Moulds

How to Properly Adjust your Hensley & Gibbs Bullet Mould

How to

Tumble Lube


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